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Quick Fixes

Need something quick? Small adjustments are usually covered in under our 1 hour min.

Complete Builds

Looking to hire  developer to build out your entire Enfold WordPress site? I do that too!


Need to speed up your website or adjust the layout? Ask for an estimate today!

Working With Tolento Group for Your Enfold Theme Website

The process is quite simple

Enfold Theme Tech Support

1.) We are based in Phoenix, AZ & we do not outsource.

We pride ourselves on being a Christian American based company. All work is completed by members of our local team and we NEVER outsource to foreign counties.

When you choose to work with Tolento Group on your Enfold Theme WordPress website you will work 1 on 1 with an English speaking developer.

If you are local we would love to buy you a cup of coffee and discuss your business needs.

2.) The Initial Consultation is Free!

Besides just sending you a free auto-generated website report like most companies to drag you in the door we take the time to talk with you one on one and learn about your business.

If you are local to our area we would like to meet with you to discuss how we can bring value to your Enfold Theme website or any other WordPress install. Of course we are always able to conduct business over the phone as we have customers all over the country.

Still not convinced? Read on..

Enfold Theme Tech Support
Enfold Theme Tech Support

3.) How long will you wait to get on board the Tolento train?

We move at fast paces by taking little steps along the way to ensure quality and satisfaction is met. The time that it takes to complete a project depends on a few factors including: 1. The size of your project. 2. The urgency of your needs 3. How quickly you can get us your project specs.

Basic full build projects beyond basic fixes take 2 weeks on average. Timelines can be bumped up to our priority list for an additional fee.

4.) Project completion.

Once your project is completed you will need to pay the remainder of the invoice due before work has been released. We will sift through the enhancements made on your Enfold Theme Website one final time and ensure nothing has been missed.

Once we turn the keys over to you, the door to our services will always remain open for future business. We offer affordable monthly maintenance plans along with as needed services billed hourly.

Every customer that we work with is treated like family and we strive to maintain an ongoing relationship in order to become their go-to website guys.

Enfold Theme Tech Support

Why Enfold?

Enfold + WordPress + YOU = Success

Why Enfold is Great?

  • Comprehensive back-end dashboard.
  • Easy for the end user to make changes.
  • Full theme support by Enfold developers.
  • Mobile friendly across all devices.

How WordPress Saves You Money?

  • WordPress is used by millions of small businesses making it easy to find a developer.
  • WordPress has no monthly fees if setup properly on the right hosting platform.
  • WordPress is very powerful and the customizations are endless.
  • WordPress does not require coding to complete simple tasks.

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