How to adjust social Media Icon Size

Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

#top #header .social_bookmarks li a {
    font-size: 20px;

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How to take “enfold theme by kriesi” out of the copyright line.

Just add [nolink] to the end of your copyright line under Theme Options -> Footer

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Change standard Logo size

With these lines of code you can have a full-width logo in the header, don’t forget to set the size of your header in the Header Layout (156px).

.html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo{padding: 0px !important; width: 100% !important;height: 100% !important;}
.logo img{width: 100% !important;height: 100% !important;}

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WPML as of late propelled their contractual workers framework to interface end clients with temporary workers. End clients can welcome chosen temporary workers to their undertakings on the off chance that they require help and the framework will deal with the rest and appropriate those welcomes. When client and contractual worker are associated, WPML ventures back and gives those two gatherings a chance to work out the subtle elements (WPML does not get engaged with installments)

Presently Enfold clients can look for contractual workers on WPML’s Contractors System. Contractual workers are very much experienced in both Enfold and WPML yet benefits they can give are not restricted to making your Enfold site a multilingual one. Most temporary workers can enable you to fabricate another site, keep up a current site, settle issues on your current site, help with SEO and the sky is the limit from there.

In the event that you are an engineer/contractual worker hoping to chip away at Enfold based activities, you can join WPML Contractors Club as well. To go along with, you need somewhere around a half year of involvement with WPML and have in any event made 3 sites with it.

You should complete two things to show up as a WPML contractual worker:

Fill the application shape, which gives extra insights about you and about the tasks you can do.

Transfer somewhere around three feature destinations, which will show up on your contractual worker page as your grandstand.

The WPML group will survey your application, let you know whether anything needs consideration and will distribute it when it’s total.

We are trusting that this framework will be valuable for the two clients and contractual workers. You can discover more data about WPML’s temporary workers framework here.

New WPML include, Display as deciphered

WPML additionally presents another interpretation mode called – show as deciphered – which is perfect with Enfold and precious for engineers utilizing Enfold Theme Help.

About the presentation as deciphered element:

Clients can demonstrate unique substance if no interpretation is accessible.

Clients can show untranslated content without the need to copy it any longer.

Helpful for locales that don’t have to decipher everything: posting, catalog and enrollment destinations and WooCommerce Developer items and scientific categorizations.

You can discover more data on How to interpret pages worked with Enfold utilizing WPML instructional exercise on Enfold documentation.

Seek a portion of this is helpful after you all!


This discharge is likely a standout amongst the most imperative as of late, since its the principal significant advance in changing a portion of the center workings of our Enfold topic.

At whatever point programming is composed, an engineer needs to settle on specific choices on how this product functions. The greater part of the stuff we settled on, when first building Enfold has served us well. In any case, tragically a portion of those choices currently began to influence our capacity to enhance the subject further. This is the reason we chose to complete a couple of real upgrades and Enfold 4.3 is the first. This discharge influences execution in a couple of significant ways and its difficult to exaggerate how critical each one of those execution changes are. So before we portray what we did, here is the means by which it influences the topic:

An ordinary Enfold based Website presently stacks somewhere in the range of 15%-75% less CSS and JS

Enclose is presently likely the best upgraded multipurpose subject out there. We checked the opposition and Enfold currently utilizes less CSS and less JS on a normal site than any other person.

Notwithstanding being more slender and cleaner than the opposition out of the crate, the topic is presently likewise incredibly simple to enhance and you can accomplish consummate google/gtmetrix pagespeed scores whenever wanted

Look rankings will be higher for Websites utilizing Enfold since stacking speed for versatile will be considered into indexed lists soon

Transformation from guests to clients will be better, since each millisecond you can shave off the heap time has a positive effect

Accomplishing an ideal score in google or gtmetrix is presently conceivable 😉 – Blog post here!

So what did we change and why?


In this discharge we changed to a “module based” component framework. Already when we included another choice in the backend, or included another format manufacturer component, it was empowered for everybody of course and was constantly stacked. So as Enfold developed with time, the rundown of highlights to stack developed with it and the measure of CSS and JS likewise developed.

Since just extensive locales utilize each Enfold highlight we offer, this implies a great deal of littler destinations stack a considerable measure of pointless assets. It likewise implies that including new specialty highlights is typically not a smart thought since it influences all clients who don’t utilize the component contrarily. We needed to change that and subsequently changed to a module based framework.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future Enfold just loads the CSS and JS records it requires. The topic currently monitors the components and choices you utilize. So on the off chance that you don’t utilize a video player, a commencement and a portfolio, the topic will never again stack these highlights.

Empower and Disable Modules to your preferring in the new “Execution” Theme choices. Enfold Theme Help can be found with Tolento Group.

What sounds like a little change, was very part of work more than a while. The impacts on execution and stacking times are well justified, despite all the trouble:

A medium estimated site (which I would state are 90% of our clients) now stacks just around 35% of the assets it already did. That is 65% less stuff to stack for your guest, and subsequently typically a gigantic speed change.

It likewise implies that we can now effectively include specialty highlights on the off chance that we think of them as profitable without influencing everybody elses execution. (like our new timetable component for instance)


Alongside the module based methodology, we included a document pressure highlight that produces and enhances CSS and JS records, in view of the highlights you utilize. So not exclusively does the topic need to stack less assets, those that are stacked are additionally compacted and reserved legitimately (with no modules) which additionally diminishes stacking times.

Document combining and pressure for CSS and Javascript

Execution alternatives

Since we were at that point doing the execution “move” we included an entire execution subject alternatives tab in your backend, that enables you to tweak asset stacking for your topic with a couple of snaps. We have just discharged an article on the best way to score flawlessly on google pagespeed and gtmetrix.

The Performance tab enables you to deactivate superfluous and frequently unused default WordPress settings, it permits to change the conduct of our new module stacking and pressure to past defaults (on the off chance that you keep running into any issues with modules) and it offers advancement indications like which picture improvement module or which storing module to utilize 🙂

What else is new and merits a specify?

1.) As dependably there are loads of changes and upgrades in this discharge and one that we like a considerable measure is the alternative to utilize an entire page as a “worldwide layout”.

The new format manufacturer component called “page content” enables you to stack another page into the page you are as of now utilizing.

For instance: gives say on every one of your pages you a chance to need to show a rundown of connections and logos to your colleagues.

On the off chance that you beforehand did that and an accomplice transformed you needed to change the rundown on each page independently. Presently you can simply make a “partnerlist” page that just contains this rundown and after that heap it into your frontpage, contact page, about page and so on.

In the event that an accomplice transforms you essentially alter the “partnerlist” page and those progressions will be noticeable on the entirety of your different pages also.

2.) Similar to that, we assumed that utilizing a similar exhausting 3 or 4 segment footer design lost a considerable measure of its allure after some time and is exceptionally restricting. You would now be able to create a footer page with your format developer and set that page to be your footer in your subject alternatives at Enfold->Footer. A basic case of a pleasant custom footer can be found in our most recent demo.

In addition to other things we obviously got another demo, new layout manufacturer components called “course of events” and “catch push” (which gives you a chance to show various catches in a single line) full section connecting, the alternative to show a notices on pageload (eg treat utilize) thus considerably more. Check the Change log for all the of all shapes and sizes points of interest 😉

Whats up next?

Since we just load highlights in view of utilization we are allowed to include specialty layout manufacturer components without influencing clients who needn’t bother with those components. So you will presumably observe a portion of those specialty components with some specialty demos. That said we are as yet enthused about keeping Enfold simple to use for apprentices, so we will obviously not include each component or component that rings a bell 😀

We are planing a littler discharge next that includes highlights that fulfill the up and coming General Data Protection Regulation which will be implemented accross the EU and furthermore influence everybody working with somebody in the EU.

With respect to the greater changes that we plan: as I specified prior the manner in which we already stacked our assests was something that remained in our approach to additionally enhance the subject. Something else that served us well for a period however is currently rather restricting are shortcodes. Envelops format developer is – like most other layout manufacturers – in light of shortcodes. A while ago when we originally assembled enclose this was an accepted standard and it had its benefits. Be that as it may, they are presently a relic of days gone by. Shortcodes are moderate (as far as handling), require a great deal of overhead (coding insightful), cause issues a considerable measure (with inappropriate html settling or potentially HTML extraordinary characters) and are not exceptionally adaptable in some different respects (settling, worldwide components).

WordPress itself is moving far from Shortcodes with their new Gutenberg Editor and we likewise saw that a portion of the things we need to accomplish with the manufacturer (like boundless settling of sections, layout developer content inside switches and tabs, and so on) are not so much possible while utilizing shortcode as the “information structure” of a page. So this is the second enormous undertaking that we are handling. We will change the information configuration of the manufacturer and dispose of the shortcode structure over the long haul to have the capacity to enhance the developer the manner in which we might want. This will, similar to the usage of modules, take a couple of discharges yet once done you are in for some huge layout developer enhancements 😉

Change log

included: another demo: Enfold Elegant Portfolio

included: execution tab in subject alternatives that enables you to enhance your site execution by utilizing record pressure/evacuation

included: catch push component that permits to show numerous catches adjacent to one another

included: new “” activity for turning header component

included: you would now be able to set connections for segments and cells

included: you would now be able to set a page as footer. This permits totally extraordinary footer outlines

included: alternative to close the warning format manufacturer component and set a treat to not show it once more

included: choice to utilize foundation slopes for cells, segments and segments

included: choice to show a treat utilize warning

included: choice to show catch name as tooltip (that way you can utilize symbol just catches with float impact)

included: choice to set a custom 404 page design

included: copyright choice for picture component

included: module check for picture streamlining and storing modules

included: module proposal for picture enhancement and reserving modules

included: progressed styling choice to style the dynamic fundamental menu thing

included: new google textual styles

included: edge dividing alternatives for header component and header turn component

enhanced: a few CSS and JS documents will now just load in the event that they are required, in light of the subject alternative settings

enhanced: demo import content

settled: catches in fundamental menu currently dependably got a similar stature

settled: use of the old jQuery Migrate Library no longer essential because of JS enhancements

settled: in reverse comp. with PHP < 5.5 in header.php

settled: slideshow fallback connect taking care of for simple slider

settled: an issue with the extent of self facilitated recordings

settled: stacking of instagram pictures works appropriately once more

settled: in reverse similarity issues mind RTL styling

settled: ALB shading segment: Small Arrow in Bottom Border Styling shows up twice

settled: ALB Product Purchase Button and WooCommerce > 3.0 prompt unending circle

settled: Small issue in not making properties in breadcrumb for first component

settled: an issue with occasion Calender tickets

settled: a presentation issue with the shop principle page and the breadcrumb route

settled: a



Try not to give yourself a chance to get tricked by the title. You should think about your site execution and utilizing those instruments enables you to recognize issues effectively. As a rule you get great suggestions yet you should know when to tail them and when to overlook them 🙂

The metric that is substantially more essential than any score, granted by those testing devices, is the page stack time of your site. Also, to accomplish a decent page stack time a decent server condition and improved pictures are typically considerably more essential than any topic enhancements you can do.

So make a point to not get fixated on a decent score, only for the score 😉

Likewise, while building our most recent Enfold Update we set up an aggregate of 12 test situations and presumably completed 1000 speed checks. The end we came to, is that the exchange offs for an impeccable score are frequently not justified, despite any potential benefits. (eg: packing your pictures to a point were quality endures drastically, utilizing a huge amount of inline css and javascript to fulfill over the overlap rules, and so forth)

So here is the thing that we will do:

We will set up another test site and enact our Enfold Theme

We will introduce our Enfold 2017 Demo (it has a considerable measure of substance, pictures, slideshows so its a decent guinea pig)

We will upgrade it to get to a 100/100 score on all testing apparatuses

We will reveal to you which of those improvements are presumably not worth the exchange offs

1.) The subject without anyone else’s input

In the wake of setting up the new WordPress Site and initiating the topic, on the off chance that we check the score we get really great outcomes out of the case. All things considered, enclose is presently intensely streamlined 😉

A great deal of the enhancement that we will acquaint you with in this article are substance and server related and inspired nothing to do with Enfold.

The choices that can be changed in the subject are not such a large number of, the greater part of the streamlining is set up naturally by restrictive checks we have executed. Kind of an AI that completes a considerable measure of the advancement related stuff for you 😉

Here is a screen capture of the “primary” streamlining alternatives. It is prescribed to empower both the consolidating and pressure of your CSS and JS records. It is additionally prescribed to just load layout manufacturer components that you are utilizing. The subject will endeavor to monitor those and consequently stack the essential records. We have officially portrayed how these settings function in our presentation blog entry for Enfold 4.3.

Dynamic default settings

(PS: Please note: on the off chance that you are overhauling from a past Enfold adaptation those highlights are as a matter of course not dynamic and you have to empower them physically. This is to keep any undetected mistakes for clients that are simply refreshing and not checking their site subsequently. New establishments will have these highlights empowered as a matter of course)

2.) The subject with content

In the wake of introducing the Enfold 2017 Demo, our underlying velocity test results are somewhat blended:

As should be obvious, particularly the work area score for pagespeed experiences and gtmetrix pagespeed are fairly awful. This is on account of the score is affected vigorously by the level of picture advancement. Since we didn’t do any enhancement yet our score endures, regardless of the way that there is a great deal of green bars and the topic scores extremely well with the greater part of the other execution tests. So first of all: lets introduce a picture improvement module.

3.) Image advancement

What’s more, here you as of now experience your first choice since picture improvement is a dubious business.

You need to strike a decent harmony between measure decrease and picture quality. In the event that you diminish the record estimate excessively the picture may be little and the pagespeed devices may be fulfilled, yet the experience for your clients would be somewhat crappy since they would see some terrible pixelated pictures. Then again, in the event that you pick too little decrease your site may be too substantial and stack gradually. Furthermore, over that your score – and whats more essential – your client encounter and later on additionally your versatile site positioning may endure.

We have tried an extensive rundown of modules and found that Shortpixel and Optimus completed an extremely decent activity for us.

Optimus functioned admirably out of the crate for the pictures we are utilizing on our test site and shortpixel enabled us to adjust the outcomes somewhat better because of more alternatives.

The Shortpixel “Lossy” Compression will vigorously diminish the picture estimate but on the other hand is somewhat forceful. In the event that picture quality isn’t that huge of an arrangement for you run with that. On the off chance that quality is vital utilize the “Shiny” pressure setting. A few pictures may be too substantial for the pagespeed instruments however you would then be able to choose on the off chance that you need to diminish the picture measure facilitate separately or in the event that you need to keep the picture in its present condition. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a favored picture enhancement module you can download and introduce both of those two modules straightforwardly from your Enfold Performance Panel:

The new picture Optimization Panel of Enfold

For this demo we ran with Optimus and after group handling all pictures our outcomes showed signs of improvement as of now. Tragically that is now and again insufficient for the pagespeed devices so it in some cases happens that you have to exclusively process a few pictures. Optimus does not permit that, but rather instruments like shortpixel do. At last its a little experimentation which module works best for the pictures you are utilizing 🙂

Both Mobile and Yslow rating did not change much (since they don’t generally consider) yet the others went from red straight into green with a score of no less than 85+. This by itself demonstrates to you how vital picture enhancement is.

4.) Leverage program storing

Following up of both pagespeed experiences and GTmetrix is to set up program storing. This means static assets on your site, as CSS records, Javascript documents and pictures, are just stacked once by a guests program: when he first visits. On continuous visits of your site those assets will be stacked from the program reserve.

This just works if the webserver tells the program on first load, that those assets are suitable for a more extended time. In this way, truly, this is neither a subject nor a WordPress enhancement issue, it is something that should be changed for your server. Since most webhosts nowadays run a domain that enables you to effectively change this all you require is to open the root registry of your WordPress establishment, pay special mind to the .htaccess record and glue the accompanying lines of code at the best:

<IfModule mod_expires.c>

ExpiresActive On

ExpiresByType picture/jpg “get to 1 year”

ExpiresByType picture/jpeg “get to 1 year”

ExpiresByType picture/gif “get to 1 year”

ExpiresByType picture/png “get to 1 year”

ExpiresByType content/css “get to multi month”

ExpiresByType content/html “get to multi month”

ExpiresByType application/pdf “get to multi month”

ExpiresByType content/x-javascript “get to multi month”

ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-streak “get to multi month”

ExpiresByType picture/x-symbol “get to 1 year”

ExpiresDefault “get to multi month”


On the off chance that this does not work for you for reasons unknown there are different advances you can attempt, portrayed here.

So now that we have empowered program storing we can do the test again and its shown signs of improvement indeed.

As should be obvious this server enhancement is additionally very critical. Gradually however unfaltering we are arriving.

4.) Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in over the-overlay content/Defer parsing of JavaScript

Those two messages basically mean a similar thing: keeping in mind the end goal to render the page as quick as conceivable there ought to be as meager outside assets likes CSS documents, Fonts, Javascript be in the leader of the topic. On the off chance that it must be there the page speed instruments request that you move them to the base of the site, or put it inside the HTML report, rather than setting it in an outside record. This is on the grounds that the program needs to sit tight for those documents to completely stack before having the capacity to show the site.

Envelop without anyone else endeavors to put however many of the documents as could reasonably be expected at the base of the site to fulfill those prerequisites. Anyway some outer modules may overwrite this. A model would be the Layerslider plugint that we use here. Fortunately its very simple to tackle this issue, since the layerslider likewise got a couple of advancement settings. Make a beeline for the Layerslider->Options Page and open the propelled tab. Set the alternatives like this:

This will advise the slider to stack its content in the footer of the page too.

Another issue with over the-overlap content are custom text styles. On the off chance that you are utilizing at least one google text styles, given by the subject, this will likewise hurt your score. The Enfold Performance page gives you a chance to change the manner in which those text styles are stacked from header (which is the default) to footer. This is one of the settings that has a little exchange off. Setting it to stack text styles in your footer will somewhat accelerate the page and fulfill all the page checks.

In any case, it will likewise cause a short gleam of content on page stack, since the content will be rendered first with a fallback text style, and at exactly that point will the Google textual style get connected.

By and by I am not utilizing this setting for our sites since I consider that textual style glimmer to be extremely irritating, however on the off chance that you need to press each millisecond out of your page this will be fundamental. With a specific end goal to get an impeccable score this is additionally vital so we will enact the setting too.

As should be obvious, I likewise set jQuery to stack in the footer and I debilitated some different WordPress defaults that are a bit much for most destinations (emoticons and jquery move). On the off chance that you are running a considerable measure of modules you should need to leave those settings immaculate since they may cause issues with severely coded or obsolete ones. (If it’s not too much trouble take note of that on the off chance that you are running no modules at all a portion of the alternatives are set naturally for you



First of all: particularly on the off chance that you are European this law was extremely present amid the most recent weeks and there is a decent possibility you definitely think about it. On the off chance that you don’t: what precisely is the General Data Protection Regulation?

What is the GDPR?

“The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a control by which the EU means to reinforce and bring together information security for all people from the European Union (EU). It additionally addresses the fare of individual information outside the EU.

It points essentially to give control back to EU natives and occupants over their own information and to improve the administrative condition for worldwide business (any organization that is assembling, handling or putting away the individual information of EU nationals).”

In the event that you wound up on our webpage chances are great you are running your own particular site. On the off chance that you have guests from the EU on your site the GDPR fundamentally expects you to hold fast to European models with respect to the information of your clients, else you may get fined.

What do I have to do?

At any rate you have to set up an appropriate security arrangement on your site (WordPress 4.9.6 added the instruments to do that), build up a record of preparing exercises and ensure that clients oversee their information (they ought to have the capacity to get information on what information you have about them, how you utilize it and whenever asked for you additionally need to expel it, if that does not meddle with other legal obligations of yours) We are not broadly expounding here since there are a huge amount of completely fledged, elegantly composed articles out there that clarify in detail which ventures to take to be agreeable.

What do I not have to do?

There are right now a considerable measure of ghastliness stories out there on how sites must be adjusted (like all structures must accompany checkboxes, all client IP tends to must be deleted, every outer administration like Google Fonts, Video Embeds and Maps must be evacuated, all Cookies must be blocked and so forth).

Resistance will result in cataclysmic fines and will end your business. We should all close our sites at the present time and be finished with it. and so on and so forth

We have conversed with legal counselors, we have visited data occasions and we have scoured the web for dependable assets composed by individuals with a foundation in information insurance or law. The substance we got from those sources:

It’s all not as terrible as it sounds. Indeed there is some work to do. Yet, a significant number of these “required changes” are profoundly easily proven wrong or by and large wrong, and regardless of whether you don’t get everything ideal from the earliest starting point: the experts in every nation are entrusted to endeavor to advise solitary on the off chance that they experience rehashed infringement of the law force fines.

The key takeaway from our discussions with legal counselors

This may presumably be the most critical takeaway we got from our exploration. As per our legal advisors you can basically utilize each component as is whether one of 2 conditions are met: genuine enthusiasm on your side, or assent given by the guest.

The issue with genuine intrigue is that its something or other that are not entirely characterized by the law, which implies its open to understanding. The inquiry is: when are you permitted to put your advantage first and when do you have to venture back and request consent? An inquiry that found no broad solution as we comprehend it, yet should be audited for each case independently.

Albeit genuine intrigue might be available to elucidation, as per our legal advisors it’s generally still the better alternative contrasted with client assent. The issue with assent is that it tends to be disavowed whenever which can cause you a considerable measure of additional work.

So if its conceivable its better to contend that you require an element for a specific business reason, educate the client on your security strategy page about it and be finished with it, rather than putting assent checkboxes and popups everywhere throughout the site 😉 at times this probably won’t be conceivable, so we have added a few new choices to the topic that enable you to go either course, contingent upon what you (and your legal advisors) feel is suitable.

So what changed with Enfold 4.4

At long last we are discussing the topic 😀 As was examined above, it is at present hard to tell what is permitted, what isn’t and what is in a lawful hazy area. So what we did is: enable you to pick how you need to utilize certain highlights, contingent upon what the legitimate consultants and experts in your nation let you know 🙂

Outer administrations

The greatest changes we connected are as to outside administrations. Since outer administrations get client IP addresses in the event that you utilize their administrations we have actualized ways this just occurs on client communication.

You would now be able to set up your instagram and facbook gadget in a way that they don’t send information except if the client collaborates with them. Same goes for google maps where you can set up a placeholder picture that is shown until the point when the client asks for the real guide. The simple same was executed for vimeo recordings and youtube. The cool thing about those highlights is that its accommodating with information insurance as well as per our ongoing endeavors to enhance page speed and execution scores. What’s more, it obviously helps a great deal with execution if outer sources are just stacked on client ask.

We have likewise actualized a text style transfer highlight that enables you to transfer google webfonts (or any textual styles so far as that is concerned) to your webserver. Clients have requested the likelihood to utilize their own custom text styles for quite a while and it was a decent chance to execute that element 😉

Assent Checkboxes

Include presently enables you to show checkboxes after any subject produced shape, that requests client acknowledgment of your protection approach before sending the frame. As said before we don’t surmise this is essential (real intrigue versus assent), yet it was asked for so frequently, we figured we can at any rate give the component to now until there are unmistakable decisions for sending contact, pamphlet or remark shapes 🙂

Shortcodes for your security approach

We likewise included a couple of shortcodes that enable the client to debilitate certain highlights on your site, in the event that you choose to utilize them without asking in any case.

– enables a client to debilitate google following in his or her program

– enables a client to cripple the utilization of google webfonts in his or her program

– enables a client to incapacitate the utilization of google maps in his or her program

– enables a client to impair video inserts in his or her program

ENFOLD 4.4 AND THE GDPR (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION) – shows a connection to the security strategy page set in your WordPress administrator board

In the event that you don’t care for the default content or dialect these shortcodes create you can utilize your own content this way: [shortcode]YOUR OWN TEXT[/shortcode]

Treat assent bar changes

The treat assent bar was likewise intensely enhanced in 2 different ways.

It is presently conceivable to create any number of invitation to take action catches

It is currently conceivable to show a data modular window that clarifies which treats are utilized on your site and how they are utilized. It additionally clarifies why some of them can not be debilitated by means of shortcode (obviously program handicapping dependably works) and how to quit administrations like google examination following. You can obviously change that default data and set up your own particular modular data.

What’s more, since we are discussing treats:

One more word about Cookies

You may see the nonappearance of a component to for the most part cripple treats. This is a “necessity” that is additionally intensely talked about on the web however since Enfold does not set any treat that stores any close to home data we ruled against it. Envelop treats complete one of 3 things:

reject the treat assent bar for all time (lasting treat)

ensure that the breadcrumb route is shown appropriately (session treat)

enable a client to incapacitate certain highlights like webfonts, examination, maps or recordings (lasting treats)

As should be obvious none of those store any client data, so the GDPR does not matter here. We would prescribe to specify that you set treats in your security approach and furthermore clarify how they are utilized and how to incapacitate them in the internet browser, if the client outrageously does not need any treats to be set, but rather we don’t think its important to square them all in all. On the off chance that you think it is: there are modules out there that can carry out the activity.

Whats more?

Despite the fact that we just had next to no time since our last significant refresh we could likewise set up another demo for you. Since this is a refresh that is caused by another law, we just thought of it as fitting to give a demo to legal advisors 😀

To wrap things up: a disclaimer :/



Full Changelog

Since the last significant refresh was just multi month prior there isn’t much more going ahead than what has been talked about above. By the by here is the full changelog:

included: new demo: Enfold Law

included: treat assent bar got an enhanced method for including boundless catches

included: treat assent bar got an alternative to show a modular window with nitty gritty data and the likelihood to deactivate a few treats and highlights

included: custom textual style uploader – you would now be able to transfer and utilize any text style you like

included: the facebook page gadget got an “information assurance” mode were it doesn’t stack the facebook javascript without client collaboration

included: the instagram gadget got an “information assurance” mode were it stores all pictures without anyone else server

included: google maps got a �

Enfold For Life: Why this theme is a life long theme

The Enfold theme is an all-in-one solution for any small business to capitalize on online exposure. It’s ability to be mobile friendly right out of the box without additional development is a huge plus for using this set of framework. Not only is it the highly recommended by Tolento Group, the leaders in creative website design in the Phoenix market but also has great reviews across the board but thousands of users.

The page builder is a great solution for any end-user with minimum knowledge of WordPress. Many storefronts in Scottsdale, Arizona have chosen to integrate WooCommerce into their Enfold Theme Websites. Along with eCommerce, Enfold is a great piece of framework for real estate professionals to integrate an IDX / MLS service like Spectrum IDX Solutions.

Using a great theme like Enfold will save you money in the long run that you would normally spend on developers for errors, bugs and maintenance. Stop looking and choose us to work with your WordPress website.


How to customize the menu bar styling in the Enfold Theme

Enfold comes with a great option allowing users to completely customize the color, font style and font size of menu items in every layout. Whether you would like to add a “hover over” color or increase the font size on mouse-rollover, Enfold can do it! Choose from endless color options and create your own mouse-rollover animations with this theme.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard as an Administrator.

Step 2: Click “Enfold” on the left menu.

Step 3: Within the Enfold theme settings dashboard find and click on “Advanced Styling”.

Step 4: In the drop down box find and select “Main Menu Links” then click the blue “edit” button.

Step 5: The item will be added to the list of items below where you may choose the styling you would like. The check boxes below lets you apply the style to only “hover” or “active” state.

Save your changes and reload your site. On some browsers you may need to clear you cache to see the menu adjustments right away.

If you need to hire an Enfold Theme Support developer contact us at

5 Most Important WordPress Plugins Every New Site Needs

While all these things are equally important, questions that get lost in the shuffle are the following:


  • How can I protect my Enfold website from malware and hackers?
  • What’s the best way to get rid of comment spam on my Enfold Theme WordPress site?
  • How should people reach out to me if they have problems with the Enfold Kresi website?
  • What should I do for Google to index my Enfold site?
  • How can I make my Kresi Enfold website load faster for the sake of my visitors?


From the untrained eye, you’d think these questions have nothing to do with making money on your blog. However, at closer inspection, all these questions affect the bottom line of your website. Without am efficient website, for instance, almost a quarter of your visitors will leave your site (especially if it loads longer than four seconds). Also, you won’t have visitors at all if people can’t find you on search engines.

Therefore, before thinking big about your Enfold’s WordPress site or blog you built, you need to download the most important WordPress plugins below first before anything else.

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1. WordFence on your Enfold Theme Website

After building your Enfold WordPress site, the next thing you need to do is secure its protection. Keeping your website data safe is your priority. You don’t want a hacker to destroy years’ worth of work on your website just because you weren’t able to download a security plugin for your site.

There are lots of free security plugins for WordPress, but WordFence is one of the better ones available. Upon installing and activating the plugin, you can immediately set up the firewall to identify malicious traffic and stop hackers from their tracks. It also blocks brute force attacks from people trying to log in to your site using random passwords. Finally, you can block networks manually to protect yourself from further threats.

The paid version lets you set up a real-time threat defense field, block IPs from certain countries, check if site IP is generating spam and more.

2. Akismet on your Enfold Theme Website

Once your website gains steam and generates traffic, people will want to engage with you and your content. One way of doing this is by commenting on your posts. Some will leave insightful ideas about your post that helps move the discussion forward. Others, on the other hand, will simply leave gibberish as their comments. If you have a popular website, these gibberish comments will flock to your site, making your comment section difficult to manage.

By setting up Akismet on your Enfold Website, you can keep your site spam-free. The plugin will filter out spammy comments from genuine ones so you can easily manage the comment section of each post.

3. Contact Form 7 on your Enfold Theme Website

As a budding business, you want to reach out to as many people in your audience as possible. That reason is why you set up a website in the first place.

The next step is finding the best way for them to reach out to you. They can call you on the phone but some are probably too far away and are hesitant to pay for the fees or shy to talk to you. As another option, you can set up a contact page on your site with a form they can fill out with their questions and concerns.

One of the best contact form plugins on WordPress is Contact Form 7. You can create a form that you can embed on any page of your site using its shortcode. You can also customize a form by adding a series of questions and adding different elements to the form. Aside from the text bar, you can use checkboxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, and others on your form.

4. Yoast SEO on your Enfold Theme Website

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your site is through SEO. By optimizing your site pages for their target keywords, you increase their chances of ranking on the first page of organic search. However, with so many ranking factors to track and monitor for each page, you can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Yoast SEO makes sure that you stay on top of your SEO regardless of your knowledge about it. This tool is one of the most downloaded and most important WordPress plugins available for free. It gives your site a fighting chance against more established websites in your space by following the best SEO practices as indicated in the tool.

Yoast SEO helps you create a sitemap to make your site easier to index for search spiders. You can also create breadcrumbs to help visitors keep track of your site’s structure, You can also set canonical URLs to prevent duplicate content and identify the version of the page you want to rank on Google.

One of the best features of the plugin is the Content & SEO Analysis. By indicating your keyword, Yoast SEO computes for your page’s on-site SEO score using different factors. It also helps you write easier-to-read content for the sake of your readers.

5. WP Total Cache on your Enfold Theme Website

An issue that Google and visitors have with websites is the site speed. The slower the site, the more people will walk away from it even before it loads completely. Knowing this, Google will also keep your page from ranking high on search results due to its slow loading time.

WP Total Cache solves the problems by creating a cached version of your Enfold website on your user’s browsers. Whenever they visit your site again, the browser loads the local files from its last visit to your site so it doesn’t have to download the data from your servers. The result is a faster-loading and a user-friendlier site.

Are you already using the most important WordPress plugins on your site?

You can’t go wrong with any of the WordPress plugins above. They help set up your website’s foundation so you can focus on creating awesome content and engage with your audience. You no longer have to look behind your back for online threats, spam, and missed opportunities because the plugins listed above cover all of them!

Aside from these plugins, can you recommend what you consider the most important WordPress plugins for Enfold Theme websites? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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